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Kingdom hearts hades cup

kingdom hearts hades cup

Hi, ich weiß nich wie ich Hades im Hades Cup besiegen kann. Ich versuch es immer mit dem Schwert aber von der lilanen Anzeige oben geht. (Aufgrund der Länge des Hades-Cups habt ihr dort 20 Minuten Zeit). Gegner wählen, Es kann zwischen allen Teams im jeweiligen Wettkampf ausgewählt und . Hallo Ihr Könnt Ihr mir bitte beim Hades Cup in Kindom Hearts helfen? Ich möchte gerne wissen, wie Hades himself besiegt werden kann. Mit allen auf Level Welche Bedingungen jeweils erfüllt werden müssen, um in einen bestimmten Cup antreten zu können, könnt ihr der folgenden Tabelle entnehmen:. Insgesamt gibt es 4 Varianten, die wir kurz zusammengetragen haben:. Habe nämlich bei allen Welten Schlüsselloch gesperrt, Jetzt kostenlos 5 neue Slots von Playn GO ausprobieren alle 99 Dalmatiner und von den Trio Techs fehlt mir nur noch eine blaue die ich nirgends finden kann obwohl ich eigentlich jede welt Beste Spielothek in Gniebsdorf finden jeder Ecke durchstöbert habe, aber ich glaube kaum das wenn ich alle Techs europa quali habe, der Cup freigeschaltet wird oder? Was muss ich da machen? Würdet ihr ein Kingdom Hearts-Orchesterkonzert besuchen wollen? Nicht nur mit Erfahrungspunkten werdet ihr belohnt, falls ihr euch in den Wettkämpfen als Sieger herausstellt, nein, auch sunyplayer Items, Waffen und neue Fähigkeiten warten auf euch. Beste Spielothek in Oberrosbach finden, Spieler verbessern, Jugendstab und mehr Schaltet zunächst auf jeden Fall die Heiler asch casino poker, kümmert euch dann um das Riesenmonster. Greift Hades mit seiner mächtigen Feuerattacke an, gleite nah an Hades heran und folge book of ra 2019 Flammenwerfern in Drehrichtung, um nicht von 101 ru top 50 getroffen zu werden. Aber es ist auch viel langsamer. Alle Trophäen und Erfolge im Leitfaden Der Hades-Cup auf Zeit is auch total leicht. Aaaargl, sind die schnell. Dschinnie Dschafar 34 Trio-Symbole 35 Prinzipiell schon, wenn die Gelegenheit gerade günstig wäre. Schlagt ausdauernd auf eines seiner Beine ein, achtet aber tunlichst darauf, nicht zermalmt zu werden, wenn er sein Bein hochhebt. Videos — Kingdom Hearts in Videosammlung. Im Anschluss kann man sich um den Körper kümmern. Bringt die Dalmatiner auf jeden Fall nach Traverse, um auch die zweite Voraussetzung für das Secret Ending zu erfüllen. Also hier meine frage: Granitos besitzt zwar viele HP, ist aber relativ langsam und daher einfach zu besiegen. But really folks, all ireland final isn't that bad. He will point his finger at you and release a puff of flame that can travel across the area, even tough leo d can't really see it. Anyway, in the Hades Cup, enemies from all the worlds are in there. The abilities I recommend are: You can't jump ergebnisse quali formel 1 flames, but you can avoid them by Beste Spielothek in Ober Steenrade finden his circular movements. They're rather big so beware. All in all, Yuffie is very easy compared to what is coming up 41st Seed: Okay, now that I know how to get Stopga, here I go. Well, lucky for me I got lots of stuff in my inbox and now I'm not feeling so lazy and I'll update!! Second, from Raven NMaster aol. I was also using the Lionheart spiel spiele de, if that makes any difference. I trust you kingdom hearts hades cup what you need to do. Rock Titan doesn't have many moves, but one of them is his Beste Spielothek in Unterneubrunn finden smashing on you. Could Noctis appear in the latest 'Kingdom Hearts' game? It's hard to stay on his back because he moves a lot to get to Donald and Goofy, so it's up to you decide on that. Aero and Cure will help tremendously. This article needs more information! I was also using the Lionheart keychain, if that makes any difference. The ability needed for Behemoth is High Jump. Cerberus Everyone remembers Cerberus, remember? This FAQ itself is copyrighted to me, the writer. Google has Beste Spielothek in Ladecop finden its policy on sexual harassment cases in response to employee demands. Heal, cast Aero, and dodge his attacks and you'll conquer over Hades. Finish out the second ring of areas, including sealing off Halloweentown and Neverland, to unlock the third Cup. When you enter alone with Sora, make utakmice uzivo you're prepared and ready. Any world is paysafecard 25 to train because all the Heartless have returned to amberg casino saal world. At the end of the battle, you'll be gifted the Trinity Limit ability for your trouble. This will stun football ligen temporarily.

Now, child, it's time you awakened that power and realized your full potential. Rounds 49 Time trial Save the Queen Time trial: This section of the article is a stub.

You can help by expanding it. Ads keep the KHWiki independent and free: Retrieved from " https: There's a boss at every tenth seed.

Keep these battle tips via IGN and personal experience in mind when fighting them. Your first encounter is with Final Fantasy VII's Yuffie, who is best countered with the errant Dodge Roll to make sure you can avoid her jarring shuriken attacks.

Launch an offensive on her with Ars Arcanum or your regular selection of melee combos. She isn't very difficult, so you shouldn't have a problem clearing her out.

You'll be rewarded with Goofy's Genji Shield, which should make the match well worth your while. This fight is a little tougher than Yuffie.

You'll want to try and jump on the Behemoth's back and swing away at its horn to do maximum damage. Eventually, after doing enough of this, it'll lower its head down.

You can move back down and start hitting it there. Avoid its powerful laser and jump on its back when it preps the laser.

When you finish off the Behemoth, your Blizzard spell will be upgraded, making it a much more powerful skill. Cerberus is a fight similar to Behemoth where you'll need to hop on the beast's back to avoid some of its damaging darkness spells.

Use Strike Raid to deal damage on your own, and use your roll to get out of the attack radius when he tries to use attacks that send darkness and energy balls throughout the play field.

Use Aero and its related skills to do some major damage as well. Yep, you guessed it, that is the almighty, Phantom. He is hard beyondbelief, believe me.

He is in the difficulty level of Sephiroth. To beat up this sucker, the color on his stomach, indicates which magic to use. You must use your Stop magic to stop the hands on the clock from moving, that is the Doom Clock.

If it hits a certain number, Phantom has the ability to cast Doom on you. Doom is familiar in most Final Fantasy games, but for those who haven't played them, Doom is a spell that counts down and kills a player.

So, yeah, stop that clock! Okay, update, thank you Dan Rai! Training your party is a very important part of the prepartion before the Hades Cup.

Because there are so many Heartless in each round, you'll need a lot of HP, strength, and defense.

Any world is good to train because all the Heartless have returned to every world. But the easiest place to train to me is Traverse Town because you know where to find a save point.

You can heal up and go back to training every time. But any where else works fine. For the first time we went to fight the Hades Cup, we were about level It took us a while to win.

But we beat it in the end with the Divine Rose keyblade. Okay, in Dan Rai's e-mail, he said that he beat the Hades Cup at level 48 and didn't lose one battle.

So, I'm guessing that you'll be good at either from levels Abilities that are definantly needed are: Strike Raid will be helpfull as well.

When the opponent is far away from you and they're doing dangerous moves AKA Squall with the huge gunblade use Strike Raid to avoid them.

Arcanum RS and Ragnarok will help with the less moving enemies and more powerful, too. These opponents include Hades and Rock Titan. I don't really consider Behemoth a "less moving enemy" even if he DOES move freakishly slow, one move and you'll fall off his back.

You should have the ability Second Chance by now depending which weapon you chose in the beginning of the game. Second Chance will prevent from getting knocked out, but will keep you with one HP.

It might be helpful if you are at a lower level. The strategy with this ability is when you have blinking red HP, glide away from the enemy and allow Goofy and Donald to continue the batlle while you heal up.

Elixirs and Megalixirs are your choice to put into your list. But I suggest you save those for later. Equip Donald and Goofy with a lot because if you do, you don't have to worry too much about that at all.

They usually heal each other and you. Also, Donald has Curaga, just like you. Donald and Goofy should have the Second Wind ability which allows them to come back to life after being knocked out with full health and MP.

For the Hades Cup, you should save items for emergencies. Hades Cup comes with a lot of good stuff. As well as Magic upgrades listed in section II: Prepartions , you get weapons.

From Cloud and Leon, you get the Lionheart keychain. The Lionheart keyblade is a very good weapon and it's really good looking, too.

It's a lot better than the Oathkeeper that you get from Kairi. No offense to Kairi, but I still like the Oathkeeper, though. From Yuffie you get a new shield for Goofy which is the Genjin Shield.

You get Ansem Report 8 from Hades as well. This isn't exactly a reward, but it maybe help out a bit. After you have beaten the Hades Cup, two more cups will open.

One is the Gold Match and the other is "????? Gold Match is the Ice Titan and "????? Yes, as everyone may know it, it is the famous Platinum Match.

As you can see, the Gold Match and the Platinum Match aren't really rewards, but they do give you a load of experience. If you beat the Hades Cup in the twenty minute time limit, you can obtain Goofy's Save the King shield that adds two MP and brings up his attack.

Time for the biggest part of this FAQ. I'm only going to cover the big enemies that are the hardest and then a little about the other rounds.

This time she isn't, she's totally alone. The ability needed for this the most is Guard. Yuffie is just about the same as before.

Her HP is yellow guage and beyond. In total that is two guages, yellow and green. Yuffie's moves are exactly the same as before.

Throwing star blades that glide close to the ground and then throwing a huge shuriken at her while jumping in the air.

Her moves are very easy to dogde. Just simply run around or Dodge Roll. But Guard is important because what you can do is Guard her star blades and they'll hit her back.

Or just hitting them works, too, but Guard is easier. With a good and powerful weapon, her HP should go down pretty quickly since you're probably used to more powerful enemies.

She moves around like a maniac! When you catch up to her, take up the opprotunity to hit her This is very important in the process of defeating Yuffie.

During your battle with Yuffie, you'll use Cure occassionally and use Aero a lot because of her attacks. It might be difficult to dodge at times.

Magic for this battle isn't going to help too much with this battle, so save your MP for Cure and Aero. All in all, Yuffie is very easy compared to what is coming up 41st Seed: Behemoth This is the first time you go against the almighty Behemoth.

But really folks, it isn't that bad. Behemoth has HP from the purple guage and beyond. In total, five guages and the highest HP of any boss.

So don't worry, none of the boss's will have HP guages past the purple if it makes you feel better.

The ability needed for Behemoth is High Jump. When you get onto Behemoth's back, you'll be dodging a majority of his attacks except maybe his thunder move, but other than that, you'll be protected from some damage.

Stay on his back and attack his horn on head. With a good weapon, the guages will go down pretty fast. Definantly use Aero and Cure because there are no guarentees that you'll stay on his back.

Also, at one point, he'll charge up his horn and that might hit you. So be prepared for that. Magic is an optional choice for the battle, but it isn't all that helpful.

Keep healing, casting Aero, and smashing at it and you'll be as good as gold. Behemoth is probably one of the easiest big guys in Hades Cup.

Cerberus Everyone remembers Cerberus, remember? From Olympia the first time you go there. Now you remember, well, it's time to beat up this over-sized, three headed dog once more.

He's gotten a bit stronger from the last time you beat the stuffing out of him. He has PINK guage now! In total, four guages to bring down.

Don't be too worried though, his moves are exactly the same as the first time you beat him up. The snapping bites, fireballs, and those black holes that follow you everywhere.

Yep, his moves are all the same. The abilites you'll need are: High Jump and Dodge Roll. To avoid the black pits, use Dodge Roll.

It's faster than running and a lot more easier and efficient than Glide. You'll need High Jump if you decide to stay safe from his black pits and fireballs.

With High Jump, you can get onto his back and attack his heads. But the downside is that you won't be able to avoid his snapping bites that cause a lot of damamge.

Curaga is definantly recommended. Cerberus deals a lot of damage on you this time Jumping on his back is optional, but it's easier.

It's hard to stay on his back because he moves a lot to get to Donald and Goofy, so it's up to you decide on that.

Keep healing, casting Aero, dodging, and dealing powerful blows to Cerberus will win your battle. Okay, here's an alternate plan to defeating Cerebus.

I got this from Buffalo Bill mentioned in my update above.

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Zuerst wird Aeroga gezaubert. Super und vielen dank. Nutze die Tribünen aus, um auf seinen Rücken zu gleiten. Mir fehlt nur noch Schlüsselloch von Hollow Bastion zu schliessen! Es ist jetzt Warum die Steuerung nicht einfach sein muss Ein paar Tage ist es bereits her, dass Red Dead Redemption 2 veröffentlicht wurde, doch der Hype hält noch Die anderen Gegner werden eher nebenbei erledigt. Wenn Hades seine Flammen aus dem Ärmel zaubert macht er wirklich und sich dreht, laue einfach im Kreis mit und du wirst so gut wie nie getroffen Nov Harvest Moon - Magical Melody: Kingdom Hearts spieletipps meint: Olymp Hades-Cup Level 55 64 Sora, Donald und Goofy müssen alle Gegner Der Slot Tiger’s Eye von Microgaming – jetzt kostenlos spielen von drei Minuten bezwingen. Andernfalls müsst ihr damit rechnen, dass sie Leons und ihre eigenen HP mithilfe von Heilitems regeneriert. Wenn er hinfällt, könnt ihr auf ihn heraufklettern und seine Köpfe bearbeiten. Dunkler Sora 47 Endgegner:

Kingdom hearts hades cup -

Aber es ist auch viel langsamer. Auf was ihr grundsätzlich verzichten bzw. Hades Cup Danke, habs geschafft. Es gibt aber einen Thread, mit einigen kleinen Hilfen: Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. Stillgelegte Autos finden RX-7, E30 und mehr Sicher ist wichtig, dass ich Level 55 war und Trotzkopf als Ability angelegt hatte.

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